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All Star Gymnastics has a class for every age and skill level – (ages 18 months – 18 years).  We welcome you to join us anytime for a no obligation FREE TRIAL CLASS!

This works like a membership.  It gets you a discounted price on all our classes, events, birthday parties for the entire year!

Toddler Bears

(Ages 1- 3)

Parent & Child Class that emphasizes fun independent experience along with social interaction. Our Gymnastics Program will provide your child with large motor skill development thru climbing, rolling, hanging and jumping on our 50 foot trampoline, preschool bars, balance beams and obstacle courses designed for just their size!

30 minutes in length
4 week sessions

Bouncing Bears

(Ages 3-4)

Motor-coordination Gymnastics Class designed to teach your child hopping, skipping, hand support skills, balancing, hand-eye coordination along with taking turns, listening and following directions. This is all accomplished through a positive fun & energetic learning environment.

30 minutes in length
4 week sessions


(Ages 4-5)

For older Preschoolers, this class is more skill-oriented than bouncing bears. There is more structure with an emphasis on gymnastics skills. Students will use all gymnastics equipment including uneven bars, balance beam, trampoline and Tumble-Trak. Activities including handstands, cartwheels and bridges will also be a major part of this class.

45 minutes in length
4 week sessions

School Age Gymnastics

(Ages 5-13)  Levels 1 – 5

Our curriculum is based on the USAG Jr. Olympic Program as well as our 22 years of experience teaching gymnastics to children. This curriculum is designed to provide a non-competitive, achievement oriented program of progressive skills to help your children gain strength, flexibility, agility, balance, coordination and confidence. Each child’s progress will be tracked and monitored through our Ribbon Reward System. Once your child accomplishes all skills on their level, they will receive their Reach For The Stars Accomplishment Certificate!

1 hour class in length
4 week sessions


(Ages 5-13) 

Tumbling students will work on floor only.   Students will work on lead up skills to achieve back handsprings, back tucks and layouts.

1 hour class in length
4 week sessions


SUNDAY 5:30pm-7:30pm  


Level 1 Beginner Students

Level 2 Students that have mastered Cartwheel, Backbend, Kickover, Roundoff & Handstand

Level 3 Students that have mastered 1-hand Cartwheel, Handstand, Forward Roll, Backbend, Kickover, Front Limber

Level 4 Students that have mastered Backwalkover, Front Walkover, Backhandspring on Tramp

Level 5 Students must have mastered Backhandspring on the Floor, Roundoff, Backhandspring


Our daughter has been taking gymnastics classes here for 2 years and loves it!

Highly recommend!

Danielle Murphy

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a member?
We have an annual registration fee for every athlete. This covers your child for a full year and for all of our classes and events.

Annual Enrollment Fee: $30 for Individual and $45 for Family

What does my child wear to class?
A gymnastics leotard or any exercise clothes would be perfect.
Can parents attend class?

We encourage parents to stay and watch their child in class.  However, it is not necessary.  We have many parents who drop their kids off.  The front desk will make sure we have up to date contact information if a parent needs to be reached.

When do you offer gymnastics classes?

We design our class schedule around the needs and demands of our customers. We have evening classes Monday through Thursday, and Saturday morning classes. We offer day time classes on Tuesday and Wednesdays. Please contact the front desk for further questions or assistance scheduling multiple children.

Do you offer discounts for additional family members?

We do offer sibling discounts.

My child and I are new to gymnastics. What level do I join?
We offer classes for every age and skill level.
Toddler Bears (18 months-3 years)
Bouncing Bears (3-4 years)
Kindergym (4-5 years)
Level 1 (Beginners 6 + years)
Level 2 (6+ years)
Level 3 (6+ years)
Level 4 (6+ years)
Level 5 (6+ years)

If your child is below 6 years old we encourage you to start in a class based on your child's age.

If your child is over 6 years. We would recommend starting in a Level 1 class.

How do I know what level my child is?
Almost all children will begin at level 1 if they are new to gymnastics. However, at All Star we want to provide the best gymnastics to every child at their level. If your child has had previous gymnastics or tumbling experience they will be moved to an appropriate level class for their skills.
How do I know when my child is ready to promote to the next level?
Your athlete will constantly be evaluated by their coach. Once a child has mastered all the class skills they will be promoted to the next level. The coach will be able to communicate the level appropriate skills for each level
If my child misses a class, can I schedule a makeup class?
YES! We offer makeup classes every Saturday morning. If Saturday does not work for your schedule please call the front desk to schedule a time during the week.


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